Big LiPo battery case for preheating / Lipo heating box

Big LiPo battery case for preheating / Lipo heating box

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Who even in winter wants his Multicopter fly should just at Cold temperatures below 18 ° Celsius LiPo batteries such as the Pre-heat for DJI Phantom, Inspire or the Parrot Bebop Drone, to approximately 20 ° -30 ° Celsius.

LiPos be at Cold temperatures in the chemical reaction "carrier" and that is why it seems as if they have no more power. However, it is so that the performance continuously decreases with decreasing temperature and the rate of discharge must take this into account. Whoever overlooks that is very fast in the overload (too low voltage dips) of the battery and thus harms the life expectancy. If a battery below 18 ° C, the recommended discharge rate drops significantly. In addition, it must be expected that the full capacity is no longer available and the flight time is reduced considerably. Ultimately, the batteries are to use at these temperatures barely. Should still be worked with high current loads (greater than 5 ° C), preheating of the batteries is essential. There are several solutions. The most common solution is the pre-heating in a LiPo Heizkoffer. The ideal preheating has good hand hot, so emerged about 20-30 degrees Celsius, about 35 ° C to 40 ° C are also recommended but you should not forget also the battery heats up during the flight itself. The preheat time should be at least 90 minutes with it inside the packs, the heat is evenly distributed.

The control of the heating is carried out via a digital thermometer with a working range of up to 95 ° C. The digital temperature display is clearly visible from the outside and very easy to use. If the set temperature by 1 degree below the controller switches on again. Two small fans also ensure uniform spread of heat. Further, a protective grille ensures that even with a standing transport no battery abuts the heating elements. The case inside is fully equipped with insulation.

The bottom plate has been double insulated and the whole pulls at full Heitzleistung just 3A. It can be powered from the inside via a 3S lipo or from the outside via 2 existing 4mm sockets with 230 volt power supply and 12 volt output. Each suitcase is individually handcrafted, made in Germany.

Attention: In the new version, the protective grille cover is no longer silver, but black! Also the suitcase can be black instead of silver !!!

  • Case color: silver or black, depending on availability!
  • Weight approx 2.94 Kg
  • Dimension: 46cm x 35.5cm x 17cm
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 30.5cm x 7cm
  • Heating: 3x 12V, 12 Watt Heizelemnt


  • Delivery: 1x Li-Po Heizkoffer, 1x cigarette lighter, 2x suitcase key, manual


  • EAN: 0742832691529
  • Manufacturer Product No: 2151
  • Meets the CE standard
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