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Parrot Bebop Drone Propeller mounting key

Product no.: 2254

Simple propeller key in different colors for the Parrot bebop Drone 1 and the Parrot Bebop Drone 2

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Delivery period: 3 working days

Big LiPo battery case for preheating / Lipo heating box

Product no.: 2151

At cold temperatures below 18 ° Celsius should batteries as for DJI Phantom or Inspire, be preheated to 20 ° - 30 ° Celsius.

229.89 *
In stock
Delivery period: 7-14 working days

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 & 1.0 Central Cross Repair Kit

Product no.: 2274

Parrot AR.Drone Repair set with screws, nuts and mounting device for a broken central cross

3.24 *
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Delivery period: 3 working days

LiPo Safe Bag, 18x22 cm

Product no.: 2175

This bag is made of glass fiber fabric and fireproof. This bag provides reliable protection against LiPo fire!

5.84 *
Still in stock
Delivery period: 3 working days

USB charger power adapter, Euro power plug

Product no.: 2182

Universal USB power adapter with 1000mA and 5W / 5V output power.

3.49 *
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Delivery period: 3 working days
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