about us

about us

Repair and performance spectrum of Berlin AR.Drone

Berlin AR.Drone is one of the largest repair service providers in Germany for multicopter and drones of all kinds. Our service includes international customers from all parts of Europe as well as from Russia. We repair quickly, reliably and at fair prices the most popular models from leading manufacturers such as "DJI", "Parrot", "Walkera" and "Syma". Berlin AR.Drone operates an online shop, which can be found on the Internet at www.DrohnenShop-Berlin.de and offers innovative drones. There you will find accessories such as engines, propellers, gearboxes and landing legs as well as daytime drones, night drones and other action models.

We can add new parts as required. For reasons of environmental protection, sustainability and resource efficiency, we often use second-hand parts that are professionally serviced, prepared and intensively tested before installation. This does not lead to any disadvantages in terms of quality since good and used spare parts allow for price reductions. Our repair service can therefore pass on price advantages to our customers. In many cases, we are cheaper than other service providers, which only use new drone replacement materials, which are expensive to purchase.


The historical development of our multicopter service company

Das Team

The teamSince 2010, Stefan Förster is an enthusiastic fan of drones and multicopter technology. The company founder and drone specialist was born in Berlin on March 21, 1985, 31 years old and single. Since 2012, Stefan Förster has been flying regularly with various multicopters and drones. Since 2013, this has been offering a comprehensive repair service with attractive offers. Berliner AR.Drone stands for quality and high customer satisfaction. More than 500 satisfied customers per year and an average overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 are a powerful success story.

Since 2015, our Onlineshop has been equipped with a professional repair shop, which has allowed us to expand our newly established company as a drone provider. We purchase and sell "Ready to Fly Multicopter" and carry important new parts, which serve as a replacement or as an extension during wear. In addition, our range includes hundreds of valuable spare parts from the used market sector. We do not take dealer sales, but sell the required spare parts directly to our end customers at attractive conditions. Thus customers and the team of Berlin AR.Drone benefit in a fair proportion.

We are also in contact with other shop owners. With Dennis Bosch, our drone repair service has won another technician to continue to meet the high demand for repairs in the multicopter segment.

For the year 2017 a shop business in North Berlin is planned. Currently, the workshop is located in a cozy garage. Not only in Silicon Valley have successful innovations developed from a small garage.


Special features and advantages of our drone and repair service

Berlin AR.Drone manufactures the technical accessories for Multicopter itself. This includes our self-developed, innovative heating case, so that you can effectively heat your batteries for successful flights in the winter - for more joy during the winterly drone flight. You can find the product link at http://www.drohnenshop-berlin.de/Grosser-LiPo-Heizkoffer-zum-Akkus-Vorheizen.

After the finished repairs, the flight tests are carried out mainly indoors and in stable weather also outside in the open air.

The service of Berlin AR.Drone is one of the few repair service providers who have the necessary know-how and successfully repair an average of 50% of all IMU damage to the complex "DJI Phantom 3". As a creative company, we develop our own methods and tools to carry out drone repairs professionally.

The team of Berlin AR.Drone cooperates with the film industry and helps with TV productions. We modify and create special effects drones together with pyrotechnic objects. As a state-certified stage pyrotechnician and specialist for event engineering Stefan Förster is a qualified contact person who has the necessary experience and drones competence and has been active independently since 2007 with the company "DJ Blue". Our team is constantly evolving to develop further fields of application and tasks around the drone.


References and awareness of our company

The team of the Berliner AR.Drone is known from television. So we had TV appearances at the "RBB" in the "Zipp Sommergarten" as well as in the magazine "WAS!". About us reported "Deutsche Welle TV" in the magazine "EuromaxxTV", at "RTL2" we appeared in the magazine "real-time". Also in newspaper articles, blogs and in various podcasts, our multicopter service has been very popular and since then has attracted additional customers to us.

Berlin's AR.Drone is also an outfitter of drones for film and television. Within the framework of productions for the "ZDF", customers are booking us for theatrical performances and stage events. We provide decorations for a variety of retail outlets and outdoor sports shops. We also provide high-quality aerial photographs, which are carried out in high resolution and at optimized speed, altitude and flight constancy. Berliner AR.Drone is a member of the German Model Sports Organization.


The team of Berlin AR.Drone looks forward to your order!