Fireproof drones flag sign from Aluminum, different colours

Fireproof drones flag sign from Aluminum, different colours

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As of 7 April 2017, a new regulation regulating the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is responsible for the labeling of drones, will come into force in Germany. The new regulations primarily serve aviation safety. For, bluntly said: What is in the air can also crash, collide or otherwise cause damage. The first thing that looks like an annoying tutelage of drone pilots is ultimately security. The drones regulation provides you with a certain protection because the regulations can avoid accidents and limit your liability. And these are the most important regulations at a glance:

  • Drones and multikopters must carry a plaque bearing the name and address of the owner from a weight of 0.25 kg. Even if they are only flown on the model plane.
  • If the drone weighs more than 2.0 kg, you need a so-called knowledge-proof about the drones flight operation.
  • If your drone weighs more than 5.0 kg, you must also obtain a starter license from the Land Air Raid Authority.

And we can do it for you

Your drone needs a license plate - we got it! Our signs are light, stable, fireproof, small and can be printed with the name, address, the identification number of your knowledge and your drone. We offer signs of extremely thin material (0, 5 mm to 1.0 mm), which with the dimensions 45 mm x 20 mm guarantees somewhere on your drone place. The material is flexible and flexible, so you can attach the plaque on curved surfaces. The indicator for your drone is attached to the back of the drone. Although it is durable, in case of doubt it can also be released almost residue-free. The plaque is beautiful with round corners. Up to 22 characters fit into one line. And it is available in blue and silver. With only 1.3 g weight including the adhesive strip, the mark is also extremely light. The flight performance of your drone will not suffer from a large, heavy badge. The plates are made of aluminum, so they are fireproof under the given conditions.

  • Fireproof drone license plate, also known as a model flying shield
  • 3M ™ 200MP 467 MP Transfer tape for easy harassment
  • Font in black or white as shown in the photos
  • Size: 45 mm (width) x 20mm (height) x 1 mm (depth)
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Rounded corners for optical grinding
  • Available in red, blue or silver anodized
  • Made in Germany

In the event of a fire on the shield, this is deformed under its own weight, but the font is still clearly visible afterwards. See our demo video on YouTube under at.

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